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Need to take your information exchange to the next level?


Communicate with your international clients, customers or target audiences in a language they can easily understand and identify with: their own mother tongue.


Addressing business partners in their own language is not just preferable, it's essential to optimize results.  In order to do so you need someone who shares both your client's and your language and culture: a certified translator.


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Competence and Professionalism

Certified translators; member of translation and business-related organizations.



Services are only offered in two languages, English and German, in a carefully selected area of expertise.



Over ten years translation and industry-related experience.


Direct access

Speak to your translator directly rather than a monolingual account manager.


Quick turnaround times

Services are guaranteed at the contractual deadline.


Competitve pricing

Free quotes, 30-day guarantee.


ALBITS is a highly specialized translation boutique, offering certified linguistic services only in English and German.

Since 2008 ALBITS has helped internationally operating businesses communicate with clients and target audiences in a language they can easily understand and identify with […]

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