Expertise and Competence


The quality of a translation is directly related to the translator's linguistic and cultural compentence as well as his or her subject knowledge.  Therefore, extensive industry-related work and translation experience is absolutely essential for a professional linguist.


This understanding resulted in a selection of carefully chosen areas of expertise, ensuring that translations in the following fields are of superior quality:

  • biotechnology and molecular biology

  • business, commerce and economics

  • certificates, diplomas, licenses, resumes and CVs

  • finance and accounting

  • financial markets, investments and securities

  • general correspondence

  • information technology, computer networks, hardware and software

  • legal agreements and general civil law

  • real estate (commercial, residential, industrial and retail)

And while expertise certainly has its price in any profession, quality does not need to be expensive.  Specialization allows ALBITS to offer its services at highly competitive rates.


Client testimonials attesting to proficiency, expertise and the sustained quality of every single translation prepared […]

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Sample Translation

The following sample translation illustrates the difference between a machine translation, a speaker of the source and target languages, and an experienced, certified translator […]

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The price for a translation is generally quoted as a rate per source word, considering and reflecting various factors […]

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