The following are a few of many internationally operating companies and organizations that trust ALBITS with their critical translation projects:




ABCE Language School Inc., Ottawa, Canada

Officially accredited by the Federal Government of Canada, providing top quality language instruction and translation services to the Federal Government of Canada, embassies, private businesses and museums.


Translation of video transcripts on the topic of sustainable forest management in Canada.  Revision of a third-party translation of a product description.




All Languages Ltd., Toronto, Canada

A trusted name in the translation and interpreting industry.  Helping people communicate since 1971.


Translation of settlement, arbitrage and bankruptcy proceedings, patent claims, chemical test phase protocols, medical and dental invoices, pension applications, probate matters as well as various certificates (police clearance, birth, baptism, marriage, divorce and death).




Alpha Translations Inc., Spruce Grove, Canada

Translation and language consulting services spanning the globe.


Translation of a facilities agreement between a German iron foundry and several major German banks.




Asta Corporation Inc., Toronto, Canada

Vast international experience and a proven track record enables Asta to offer a broad range of corporate development and financial services, which include mergers and acquisitions, real estate services as well as merchant banking and corporate business consulting.


Translation of various legal agreements, contracts and opinions, purchase and sale agreements, business plans, financial reports, proposals, presentations, minutes to meetings, board resolutions as well as formal letters and general correspondence.




CaseBank Technologies Inc., Mississauga, Canada

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, CaseBank specializes in creating practical and reliable guided diagnostic and maintenance data analysis software solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.


Translation of software specifications of bi-level communter train cars.




Erdt Concepts, Viernheim, Germany

Fulfillment literally spoken.  20 years experience as logistics service provider.


Translation of marketing slogans for Internet presence.




Garfinkle, Biderman LLP, Toronto, Canada

Experts at navigating the legal system, leveraging relationships and negotiating to win.


Translation of legal client correspondence.





GENEART AG, Regensburg, Germany

Is the solution provider for DNA engineering and processing in the field of improved medicine and biotechnology.  As the worldwide leading supplier for synthetic genes, GENEART delivers services to academia and industry.


GENEART was acquired by Applied Biosystems by Life Technologies Corporation in 2010.


Translation of documentation for the extraordinary general partnership meeting approving the takeover, interim and annual financial statements, annual and quarterly reports, press releases pertaining to technological advances and new patents, major contracts and new cooperations, and internal newsletters.





IFB Beteiligungen AG, Dusseldorf, Germany

Mobil machen - Werte schaffen.  Das Unternehmenskonzept der IFB Beteiligungen AG ist ganz gezielt auf den selektiven Ankauf von Anteilen an geschlossenen Immobilienfonds gerichtet.


Translation of audited financial statements, financial forecasts and prognoses, invitation packages to shareholder meetings as well as recommendations and opinions.





in FRENCH only inc., Toronto, Canada

We're not just Translators ... We are Wordsmiths!


Translation of marketing brochures for a leading medical computer solutions specialist.




Investment Management Inc., Port Hilford, Canada

IMI is a management and consulting company specialized in project and land development in Canada.


Translation of lease agreement for rooftop use for the purpose of solar power production.



iTrans Translations, Warsaw, Poland

Specializes in IT translations and cooperations include numerous international corporations in this field.  A new division is currently developed and will serve clients in legal and medical fields.


Translation of SAP-related project management handbooks.




LocalEyes Ltd., Cork, Ireland

LocalEyes is an international company offering multilanguage localization, translation, globalization services and outsourcing solutions to support global business.


Translation of business commerce solutions combining industry-leading technology with the world's largest web-based trading community.




Naylor Group Inc., Oakville, Canada

Naylor Group Inc. is a multi-trade mechanical, electrical, communications and renewable energy merit contractor.


Translation of a manual for a commercial oven.




Satcon Technology Corporation, Burlington, Canada

Satcon develops innovative power conversion solutions and provides system design services for utility-scale renewable energy plants.


Translation of various technical installation manuals.




Skyfly Productions, Ottawa, Canada

Skyfly Productions and partner Titanium Imaging have teamed up to bring you a revolution in web, motion, print, live video streaming and multimedia design.


Translation of several video scripts on STDs for sex education programs at high schools.




Technovate Translations, Toronto, Canada

Focuses on providing high-quality translation services faster than the industry standard through its web-based technological advantages.


Translation and Proofreading of legal and judicial documents and forms as well as various certificates and diplomas.




Titanium Imaging Inc., Ottawa, Canada

Titanium Imaging is your "go-to" studio for web, motion, print, live video streaming and multimedia design.


Translation of multimedia teaching material for sex education programs at high schools.


"We have been very satisfied with Mr. Albishausen's translation work and can attest to the fact that he is providing a valuable service to our company and clients alike."

Diana Mason-Stefanovic, Asta Corporation Inc.

"Dirk has always provided us with prompt, reliable and accurate translation service.  We are very pleased with his work for us and have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone."

Jeffrey A.L. Kriwetz, Garfinkle Biderman

"We are extremely happy about your reliability and enthusiasm, and are very satisfied with your translations.  Thank you so much, Mr. Albishausen!"

Dr. Karoline Stürmer, GENEART AG

"Thank you for your professional work and excellent communication."

Andrzej Lejman, iTrans Translations


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