Translation Services


ALBITS does not use translation software where the source text is simply entered and then machine-translated.


When choosing ALBITS you will receive a translation in the requested target language prepared by a certified translator, which faithfully and accurately conveys the original message.


Technical and legal documents, for example, are focused on with precision, promotional and business content is translated with impact, and customized terminology can be applied to a company's internal communication.


Related Services


In addition to translation services, ALBITS also provides the following, complementing services:

  • editing texts and proof-reading third-party translations

  • certified translations for official-use documents

  • document notarization

  • translation of audio files

Expertise and Competence

The quality of a translation is the result of the translator's linguistic and cultural competence as well as subject knowledge […]

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ALBITS guarantees the strictest confidentiality throughout the entire translation process, including the pre-contractual consultation phase.

For projects involving highly sensitive information or documents, signing a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement can be arranged upon your request […]

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